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What is Domain Name?

Domain name is used to identify particular IP Address of the website. IP address is hard to remember so domain name are used to access the website Address. There is a server called Domain Name Server, it replicate the particular domain name assign to Specified IP Address and retrieve the website.

Example:,, etc

Get Your Free Domain Name Now –

When we talk about free, it always catches out attention. This time we will talk about how to get Free Domain Name for our website or blog.

Free Hosting provider do provide Free Domain Name, but the problem with their domain name is the URL of the Domain Name, they give long URL address and it is really very difficult to remember. Free Hosting with Domain Name are always on bad URL. But we can overcome this problem by using free domain service separately for our free hosting.

Free Domain are the great source for making your website live without paying any cost. You always need a domain to make your website live and for that you can use a free domain as a start. Using Free Domain Name on free Hosting are always helpful to remember URL and easy to work with.

Here, I am providing you the list of Free Domain Name Registration providers with full DNS Access to end user, without any hidden cost. The end users can also include their hosting nameserver in their domain.

Before going with the Free Domain Name, you should get a detail information from the provider as what services they can provide us and what are the pros & cons for the free domain.

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Free Domain Name Providers List......


– They provide free domain with .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq

They provide free domain with full access with the DNS. The domain comes with

03..... Freeavailabledomains

– They Offers with,,,,,


– They provide domain with .tk


– They provide domain with


– They provide domain with and free hosting 

– They provide free Domain and Hosting


– Free Domain Name with xx.xx Extension


– They provide free Domain and Hosting

10... Co tv

They Provide Domain With .tv Extension

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