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What is Hosting?

The hosting term is related to website storage. It is a storage server where all the internet information is being stored. The website, blog information are stored on the internet server.

Paid Hosting..

Most of the data are stored on paid hosting, as they have their own advantage against free hosting. Price are paid monthly basis about $2 to $14.28 per month. Depends on the type of hosting you buy.

Free Hosting..

In this articles, we are focusing on free hosting. So if you are new to website designing & developing, then I will recommend you for use free hosting for a first time so that you will get a better idea on working of website hosting. Hosting a website is about 10 minutes work, you just need some technical knowledge. All of the Hosting providers help their client to setup their hosting website, so chill! Have a cup of coffee and setup your hosting service with the technical support. If anything goes wrong they are there to help you.

Free hosting are not that bad, but they have their limitation like low bandwidth transfer rate, Advertisement, security, etc. then also as a start you can setup your website or blog on free server and also it is best chance to enhance your skill on free hosting.

Domain Required to Setup Hosting..
We also required domain for our hosting. Domain is like name for our website,

Normally, the free hosting provider do help in domain name, but they give the domain name with long URL, so better drop the idea of using their own domain name, instead you should book your short domain name from various free domain site.

Domain selection is an art. A good domain can generate visitor for our website if it is selected properly. Using an appropriate extension in the domain name are also very important, Industries related domain extension should be drawn while domain selection.
Example .com, .org, .in, .net, .edu

Important Points Before Choosing Free Hosting Service

  • Bandwidth or File Transfer Amount
  • Disk Space Available
  • Speed of Hosting
  • Hardware Support
  • Email Support
  • Technical Support
  • Advertisement
  • Script Support
  • Backup of Data
  • Security
  • Hosting Control Panel
  • High up Time
  • Renewal Process
  • Use of custom name server or domain
  • Subdomain Adding
  • Server Upgrade
  • Auto Script Installer
  • No. of Database and Table Available
  • Choose Linux or Windows Hosting
We always need to do broad research for choosing a better Free Hosting Service.

List of Providers for Best Free Hosting













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